Auto Body Repair ~ Detroit Lakes, Minnesota



Can you save me (some of) my deductible?

An honest repair shop should always say "no." Because your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company you use. It basically says that if you have a collision loss, you are responsible for the first portion of repairs (which is your deductible). Conspiring to "Bury the Deductible" is insurance Fraud and is against the law. Insurance company appraisers know the costs of repairs and cannot be fooled by inflated prices. If an auto body shop agrees to "Bury the Deductible" it has to take short cuts in making repairs with the owner getting a second rate job, which will depreciate the value of the vehicle at trade in time. Remember, an auto body shop that will cheat the insurance company will cheat the customer also. 

How soon may I wash my car?

The newly painted vehicle may be washed immediately, once it is available for pickup from the repair shop. It is recommended to use mild car soap when washing the vehicle.

How soon may I wax my vehicle after auto body repairs?

It is recommended that you wait at least 90 days after the repair to your vehicle has taken place before waxing your vehicle.

What should you know when submitting a claim to your insurance?

  1. Once you have let your insurance company know you have selected a repair facility, it is illegal for them to try to influence you to have the repair completed elsewhere.
  2. Your insurance company has a responsibility to have the vehicle repaired to the same way it was before being damaged.
  3. Your insurance company has a responsibility to pay for parts of the same type/quality (OE parts of comparable age and condition) and they can not make you choose/accept aftermarket parts.
  4. You should consult with your collision repair company to determine the repair plan for your vehicle.
  5. Collision repair professionals have the knowledge and expertise to recommend appropriate parts, materials and procedures to make sure your vehicle is repaired appropriately and safely.